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FCC Accounting System + QuickBooks US and International

Manufacturing Managent

Working Internationally we can encounter a "service" branch or a "commercial with inventory" branch, but also some productive sites of course. In this case, we use Katana MRP in our architecture with QuickBooks and FCC Accounting System. 

Production, scheduling, and resource management in real-time visibility give you the ability to make accurate manufacturing and purchasing decisions with live data. You will have task-level control for effective shop floor management.

Floor-level control assigning tasks through Katana Shop Floor and aligning sales, purchasing (materials), and production (manufacturing orders). You can also track the time spent on tasks in order to optimize shop floor activities

You can automate the reallocation of materials based on priorities and always track the availability of the required materials to do sales order fulfillment. Verify delay time of supply lead time in order to keep sales teams informed.

To avoid out of stocks the granular purchase order Katana allows, gives you the maximum visibility and capability of making the right decision based on clear material requirements

Your costs can be built with extreme precision based on your BOM (multilevel available), production operations, and product margins.

Sale orders from B2B or e-commerce will be unified in a single dashboard with the currency conversion you need. This will be helpful to optimize order fulfillment

Keep track of raw materials and products stock (batches, materials, expiry dates, etc.) to avoid out of stocks, barcodes available

...Katana gives manufacturers a real peace of mind!

Katana MRP is built to give you visibility and control over all the moving parts of your business. This access to the real-time insights of your business guides you in your perfect moves whether they are related to purchasing, change of prioritization in the manufacturing cycle, sales, etc.
Katana manufacturing software has a fantastic open API, and this allows us to be ready for any kind of customization or personalized workflow. Katana is happily serverless and has native integration with QuickBooks, Shopify, and WooCommerce, but the APIs are acting as you ever wanted also with third-party integration with our FCC Accounting System connectors: BI, Amazon (and the others marketplace), other e-commerce, etc.
When you are choosing your MRP, remember that there’s no place for software manuals and complex tools in the digital age. And here we are...During/after the pandemic even more! Accessibility and continuity of service are one of the most focal points in our era. Katana meets the usability standards of the digital era, giving you software that is both powerful, always evolving, and easy to use.

Powerful QuickBooks-integrated software

Let's take your business to the next level

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