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FCC Accounting System + QuickBooks US and International

Consolidate Reports, Cash Flow-Forecast

Fathom is one of the most powerful platforms for our multi-branch customers. When you need to aggregate data with more than one legal entity, especially if those legal entities are in different countries with different currencies and charts of accounts: this is what you want!

Sometimes you need a presentation for a customer to close a special deal, to a bank or a venture capitalist to be financed, or to update your management'll always be prepared with Fathom. Clear, branded, professional, and ready-to-use reports. 

Get a clearer picture of your business performance with the numbers and the graphics you deserve! Financials and non-financial KPIs, profitability and growth analysis, etc.

Fathom combines business planning with a powerful 360 views of your forecast Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. You can design different scenarios, and mix and compare them. You can do consolidate forecast too. 

Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-system. You can add up to 300 legal entities with different currencies (and decide the exchange rates) and from different systems: if not all of your branches are in QuickBooks, can add an excel file for those till they will be! You can eliminate intercompany accounts and make adjustments in a consolidated (and customized!) chart of accounts.

Fathom is always a good choice!

We have to mention that also if you are a single company Fathom is useful especially if your company has been alive for a few years and your chart of account is quite a mess. You can give your company a new organization in Fathom, without losing your historical data. 
Or if you want to do forecasting and cash flow management: Fathom will be precious to you. 

Of course, for a multi-branch company is completely a game-changer software to adopt. Because you can aggregate the company's data also per groups such as "Far East, Latam and Europe" companies or "manufacturing and commercial companies" etc). 


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